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Clean Coal Technologies to Explore Coal Enhancement Process Implementation in Wyoming

Published: March 16, 2017 |

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Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. will explore coal enhancement process implementation in Wyoming. Meetings were held recently with key state, coal mining and business leaders in and around the Powder River Basin region of Wyoming.

“Our visit to Cheyenne and Gillette, Wyoming last week highlighted the need for a collective administrative and technological effort to help revitalize the region’s coal mining and export businesses,” said Robin Eves, CEO of Clean Coal Technologies.

“We had very productive meetings with both state and local coal representatives that were coordinated by the state business development office. These meetings, in conjunction with the ongoing support of the DOE and Capital Hill, have led us to commence the application process for obtaining permits necessary for a commercial plant in Wyoming. While there, we also toured a very promising site with rail access where we may relocate and permanently move our test facility in order to commence testing our Pristine-M process on non-US coal,” added Eves.

“The landscape has significantly shifted for the US coal industry since the new administration took office and the momentum to reinvigorate the coal export market is exciting. In order to succeed in this space, we need more than just technology. We also need a coordinated effort that addresses the transportation challenges facing US coal,” said Aiden Neary, CFO and COO of Clean Coal Technologies.

Coal processed using Clean Coal Technologies’ unique cleansing and enhancement technology produces a higher quality stabilized and dust-free product. It eliminates a variety of concerns currently facing rail transport and the handling of coal, and company management has begun discussions concerning these issues with major railways. Discussions in Wyoming centered on economic modeling of the stabilized product and its competitive advantage on the global stage.

“By de-moisturizing the low ash and low sulfur content PRB coal and stabilizing it, we’re going to be able to increase its marketability and value. Discussions with international customers to purchase the higher efficiency, lower emission coal are well underway,” added Neary.

“We will continue to update the market and our shareholders on our journey to commercial deployment. The challenges facing the US coal industry are many, but we firmly believe the new administration will help find solutions like our technology that will help deliver much needed and more efficient energy solutions to so many parts of the developing world,” concluded Eves.

About Clean Coal Technologies
Clean Coal Technologies, Inc., a cleaner-energy technology company with headquarters in New York City, NY, holds patented process technology and other intellectual property that converts raw coal into a cleaner burning fuel. The company’s trademarked end products, “PristineTM coals,” are significantly more efficient, less polluting, more cost-effective, and provide more heat than untreated coal. The principal elements of the company’s pre-combustion technology are based on well-proven science and tried-and-tested industrial components. The company’s clean coal technology may reduce some 90 percent of chemical pollutants from coal, including Sulfur and Mercury, thereby resolving emissions issues affecting coal-fired power plants.

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